Two-way spy ear piece set



We have the pleasure to present you our latest project, unique in real life world! A spy system with a two-way communication ear piece, that is used to hear somebody and to transmit an audio signal back (that the microphone receives from your ear) and a transceiver box that makes the connection between the cellphone and the earpiece.

The earpiece has inside of it a speaker and a wireless microphone, that allows you to hear your partner and to speak back to him.

Due to the transceiver box, this communication is made by cellphone.

The two-way earpiece set is especially useful for a kind of online exam, when the person is not allowed to speak and the questions are transmitted by headphones.

Our system is designed for maximum discretion and its really simple to use. In order to use it, you have to insert the battery in the earpiece and put it into the ear, turn on the transmitter box and connect it to your cellphone with the phone jack. For more discretion, you can set your cellphone for automatic answer. If it doesn’t have this function, you can install an application to enable it.

Technical specification for SS001 two-way spy earpiece:

  • Earpiece dimensions: 13 x 6 x 7 mm
  • Transceiver box dimensions: 90 x 55 x 24 mm
  • Battery autonomy of the set: operational time up to 5 hours
  • Type of battery of the earpiece: alkaline AG4
  • Working distance: up to 80 cm between transceiver box and earpiece, and between the two conversation partners, the distance is infinite because is a cellphone connection

The Duplex FM covert communication system package will contain:

  • The two way earpiece, with one AG4 alkaline battery.
  • Transceiver box with it’s charger


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