Duplex covert communication set

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With the smallest spy UHF micro earpiece receiver in the world, UHF spy microphone transmitter and walkie-talkie set, you can be naked and still having a complete invisible communication with someone else, who has a compact transceiver. This communication is undetectable and non jamming!


The most discreet communication set with the smallest ear piece receiver and spy pen transmitter

This is the most discreet communication system,  a new version of the Covert communication set RM005


The complete system is formed by the micro earpiece UHF in-ear receiver MRF400-B, the UHF pen voice transmitter and the UHF transceiver. The in-ear receiver MRF400-B is an unique receiver, the smallest in the world and the voice transmitter is a normal pen, that can be used for writing.
The working distance is up to 200 meters in open space. This complete system provides a covert two way spy equipment in UHF band. It can be used in any situation where you need to have a hidden conversation, undetectable and non jamming!

What is it for:
The UHF FM discreet covert communication system can be used in various situations, like politicians speech, TV presenter speaking, surveillance, presentations or to cheat on the hardest exams.

How it works:
If you need to have a complete covert communication, all you have to do is to put this ultra spy earpiece into your ear canal, in order to hear your partner and to have the voice spy pen transmitter on you, in order to speak to your partner (or for your partner to hear all voices/ sounds around you).
The partner will use the portable transceiver in order to receive your signal and to transmit information back to you. Your partner can be at a distance of up to 200 meters in open field or less (max 100 meters) in a building area.

The Duplex discrete UHF communication system package will contain:

  • Wireless UHF Micro earpiece FM receiver MRF400-B with one AG4 battery
  • UHF FM spy pen voice transmitter, with charger
  • Compact hand-held UHF transceiver with: antenna, 1500 mAh Li-ion battery, belt clip, earphone/mic, battery charger and user manual.


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